Meet Ms. Hélène

Hélène Kuisine - Made with love


Hello parents/guardians,

My name is Hélène Kerba. Mom to 2 boys that have graduated from St-Jude. It's my 10th year at the school. I will have the pleasure of serving your children again this year. I am looking forward to preparing healthy and tasty meals for them all year long.

Every month you will receive a link to an electronic copy of my menu. You will find the order form at the bottom of the menu that you can print, cut off and write down your selections. This allows you to order for the month to come. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a hard copy, if need be.

Same day orders are also accepted until 9AM. Please put them in the agenda and not their lunch box. Your child needs to remit them to the teacher in the morning. You can either print an order form, write it on a piece of paper or text me. Make sure to identify it clearly with students full name, grade and choice of meal please. If money or cheque is included with order, please put it preferably in paper envelope. You can use the return ones for credit cards payments(they're free) or a Ziploc bag. I would also be happy to accommodate if students had some type of reusable pouch(dollar store pencil case would be fine). 

I also offer a prepaid service that allows your child to have a good meal on the days where you wake up and have nothing available for lunch and no money on you. At any time, you can send in an amount of money that I keep as credit, which allows me to serve your child on those days. Let it be for a snack, drink, soup or complete meal. Just contact me by 9am (note or text) and I will make sure they have what they need. I will deduct the amount of their order from the credit. If your child is absent on a day that you had placed an order, you MUST CONTACT ME BY 9AM to cancel and re-use credit.

Your child must bring snacks from home for both recesses when ordering with me.

I also will continue my take-out service. This is a great alternative from fast food for those busy evenings filled with activities. (Hockey, cheerleading, ringuette, music class...) I also would like to offer my catering services. It could be for a family gathering, kid’s party... Feel free to contact me for orders, changes and cancellations by text @ 514-898-7012.

Email at:, or call me @ school; 450-621-7805 (x: 6824)

To a year filled with all kinds of new culinary adventures.

Hélène Kerba